Wednesday, October 3, 2007

1st entry

So I followed Mike and started blogging to keep a log of my workouts. I plan on using this as a means of logging my runs. Thanks to my friend Ryan, I recently got hooked on running. We ran the America's Finest City Half Marathon back on August 19th. I finished at 1:54:13 (just put my name in). I was shooting for between 1:44 and 1:50, but the heat kicked my ass.

Anyways, on to my workouts:

This morning I did the following, for time:

115 lb clean and jerk (ladder down 10 to 1)
35 lb weighted pull up (ladder up 1 to 10)


The workout said to use dumbells, but I substituted it for a barbell. This workout kicked my ass (as all crossfit workouts usually do). I got scared during my third round of cleans cause my neck started pinching on me. Probably would have got through it quicker had I worked out with someone like 626, aka Laird.

At lunch, I ran 4 miles and finished at 29:18


1st mile - 7:27
2nd mile - 7:23
3rd mile - 7:17
4th mile - 7:13

Being that I've turned into a fitness nut, I'll probably do the workout of the day as rx'd by Mike at the stronghold and workout with KC. Go to the site and come check out the's the shiz-nittle-bang-diggy!

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