Monday, December 10, 2007

Time to get back on track!

I haven't been doing shiet for my half marathon. It's 40 days till the run and I think I've ran a total of 20 miles. I took last week off cause I went on a cruise down in Mexico, but managed to get 4 miles in. Running on a boat sucks ass. First off the track is super small and one mile is 11 laps! I ended up doing 2 miles on the track and then another 2 on the treadmill (which I hate running on). When I got back I got to roll twice and work out once.

For time:

Pull Ups
Squats (95 lbs)
Push Ups


Rolling and working out while feeling like you're still on a boat sucked...I thought I was gonna throw up a couple of times.

I plan on running at least 16 miles this week, but it's going to suck since my dumb ass erased everything off of my ipod. Last night I tried to put some new videos on my ipod, but it wouldn't work. So I ended up trying to sync it but in doing so it wiped out all of my stuff and put whatever was on my hard drive on...which is crap.

Now you tell me how am I supposed to run to Norah Jones when I typically run to Fergie's "Lady Lumps"? HAHA. This is horrible!

PM Update

So I ran 4 miles at lunch.

31:34 (7:54 / mile)

1st mile - 7:46
2nd mile - 7:43
3rd mile - 7:53
4th mile - 8:12

Running in the cold SUCKS! My breathing just sucks everytime I go out there...I guess I gotta keep trucking though.

2nd Update

WOD - Push Jerks (3-3-3-3-3-3-3)

115 lbs - 135 lbs - 145 lbs - 155 lbs - 165 lbs - 175 lbs - 185 lbs

I think I could have got 190 or 195 lbs up...but ran out of sets.

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