Monday, February 18, 2008

Guard Pass and X-Guard

Went to the gym today at lunch and rolled with a bunch of guys.

Notes from rolling:


  • My foot placement is off. My inner leg is not high enough. Should be almost in the crouch.
  • Be sure to rock them back and forth.
  • Work and scissoring to off balance them.
  • Work off of 3 sweeps only. 1. Pull the knee, 2. Ankle pick, 3. Grab the wrist and 4. Stand up
  • Need to stop being so hesitant when going to it. Shoot in and go for it. Work the heel hook to start the x-guard.

Guard Passing

  • Not creating enough forward pressure when passing.
  • My head is being bounced around.
  • Need to review my stuff on guard passing.

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