Monday, March 24, 2008

1st day back

So I went back to gym to roll today. Felt very nervous with my elbow. When I rolled with Mike I noticed my left arm doesn't feel as strong.

One thing we worked on was trying to control from the guard:

  • From the open guard
  • Grab their lead leg
  • Same side leg goes into their hip
  • Opposite arm grabs their arm (same side that your leg is on)
  • Other leg hooks behind their ankle
  • Extend leg and pull arm and ankle to off balance

Seems like a very good position to try and control. Has openings for the x-guard, omoplatas and triangles.


Worked on the ten finger guillotine.

  • Bend of wrist in neck
  • Crunch body and have chest sit on their head / neck
  • Grab arm that's in
  • Sit to the side and pull up

Had problems w/ my guillotines when to go w/ which grip.

Other notes

  • Mike mentioned that I need to work combinations. Often I find myself going and working for one set up rather than working from an arm drag to guillotine and back to guillotine.
  • Key is to get your opponent to react
  • Gotta focus in on my guard and controlling opponents.
  • Another thing to think about is not sitting and waiting for a reaction but making your opponent react.
  • Focus on driving your opponent's arms into them when working from open guard.

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