Monday, March 3, 2008

BJJ Winter Camp - Day 3

Yesterday was the last day of the camp. Overall I thought it was a very good seminar.

Review: "Thinking Man"

  1. Keep knees bent

  2. Guard head w/ bottom arm

  3. Tuck top elbow underneath thigh

  4. If using the gi, grab the lapel

Review: "The Heisman"

Points to grab:

  1. Bicep

  2. Collar

  3. Neck / cheek

  4. Armpit w/ elbow

Note: Remember bear trap possibilities.

Review: When Broken Down

  1. Forearm must be in neck

  2. Regain posture: PRIORITY #1

Use of Posture

  1. Want to put arms in position to push or apply pressure

  2. ALL escapes start w/ posture

Posture #1 (Elbows)

  • Want one elbow in opponent's throat and other in hip.

  • Elbow in throat should be bottom 1/3 of forearm

  • With elbow in throat grab opponent's shoulder

  • Drive w/ elbow out then up

  • Bridge and hip out

  • Get to knees or replace guard

Troubleshooting if elbow is not in posture:

  • Meaning wrist is in play not elbow.

  • Raise elbow, push then extend

  • Want to change the angle

Posture #2 (Under hook / Hip)

  • Under hook should have bicep in opponent's armpit

  • Elbow in hip

  • Bridge and push with bicep

  • Push w/ bicep at an angle perpendicular to your chest.

  • Go to knees or replace guard

Posture #3 (Double under hook)

  • Starts with bridge first

  • Then push with arms

  • Bridge onto shoulder

  • Go to knees or replace guard

Posture #4 (E. Honda)

  • Useful if opponent is on bottom 1/3 of torso (near waistline)

  • Both hands on lapel (chest or neck)

  • Use heel of hands

  • Bridge then hip out and push

  • Get legs out of opponent's landing spot

Posture #5 (Variation of E. Honda)

  • Opponent is in scarf hold

  • Top hand on collar or neck

  • Bottom leg grabs foot near head or grabs knee and hooks it.

  • Push w/ top hand and hold leg w/ bottom

Other notes from posture:

  • Use legs and hips

  • Rock legs to create space to

  • When throwing legs, they must be thrown violently

  • Either side to side or upside down U


1. Chest to chest to modified scarf hold

  • It is a race to get bottom elbow on ground to block opponent's hip

  • Push with elbows

  • Bridge and hip away

  • Get legs out so they can't lay on legs

2. Chest to chest to knee on belly

  • Grab belt, if no gi push on thigh

  • Stiff arm them or punch them in the gut

  • Get shoulders away by bridging and hipping away

  • Get to knees

Troubleshooting knee on belly: Opponent keeps pushing forward, trying to re-establish knee on belly.

  • Roll them over

  • Grab their foot w/ bottom arm


3. Chest to chest to north / south

  • Key point for an opponent to go north / south is they must change their hold down. One hand must go to hips

  • When their arms switch, hand goes to to their jaw line

  • When they move, bridge and push their head away

  • Get to knees

  • Arm drag might be open?

4. Chest to chest to reverse scarf hold

  • Make sure bottom elbow is free
  • With the bottom arm grab either top of collar or belt
  • Top arm goes around neck (bicep in neck)
  • Bring legs close to them
  • Corkscrew out
  • Be sure to get legs and head out
  • "Replace shoulders"
  • Can swing too

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