Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Butterfly Guard Pass

Worked on passing the butterfly guard:

  • Use head as a battering ram and put opponnent on their back
  • Bring knees in to pinch opponents legs
  • Hands in opponent's floating ribs
  • Pick one side (typically determined by opponent attacking one side)
  • Base weight to that side and pinch knee on elbow
  • Other arm use to pin leg down
  • Kick leg out and pin leg

3 different passes from here

Pass #1 - Grabbing leg

  • From pinched position
  • Grab pant leg or top of foot that is pinched
  • Overhook opponent's head
  • Sprawl on leg and walk around

Pass #2 - Grabbing leg variation

  • Same sequence, but opponent straightens pinched leg
  • Grab pant leg and step aside and pull the leg out
  • Make sure you secure head

Pass #3 - Cartwheel

  • Drive shoulder into gut
  • Can grab leg or plant on leg
  • Jump and flip hips and push legs

One thing to think about is just settling on half guard and working from there.


  • Afterwards I got to roll twice. Still feel uncomfortable with my elbow so I tried to take it easy. There were definite moments where I tried to push and I just couldn't. It's going to be like that I figure for some time.
  • Look to focus in on my butterfly and x guard these next few months.

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