Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Got two rounds in today w/ Kyle and Matt and was able to work off my back a bit. Some notes:
  • Stop getting smashed in half guard. Don't let both shoulders touch the mat when working from half...WAY TOO MUCH WORK and it disrupts everything I want to do.
  • Flip side - SMASH your opponent when in their half guard.
  • Guard passing - remember to have them support your weight.
  • Was able to defend the double under pass with a move from Demian Maia's video (wrestler's sit out) so I was pretty stoked.
  • Matt got me in a sweet sweep from half guard. When someone is digging for the brabo, be sure your hips are away and lock up their leg and flip them.

Felt good to roll again after a week off from Grappler's Quest. I'm thinking of taking notes on some of the videos I'm watching here at work. Been watching Demian Maia's Science of Jiu Jitsu, Robson Moura and Pe de Pano's Ultimate Guard and it's probably a good idea to take notes. Next on my list is Nth Dimension by Robert Drysdale.

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