Saturday, July 10, 2010

07.10.10 - Cycling

Before I go on about today's ride I must acknowledge my loving wife and her never ending love and patience for me. Yesterday she and the kids stopped by the office to have lunch. After our fun little lunch date we stopped by REI to purchase some GU and a Halo headband to help prevent the sweat from coming into my eyes when riding. Unfortunately the only choices left were white or red, 2 choices I didn't want. The white would get dirty and the red would make me look like Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat. I settled on the red when I really wanted a black one. So my wife takes the red headband to the REI in Chula Vista and exchanges it for me. How AWESOME is she.

As for the ride, the plan was to do about 27 miles out from Ray's house in PQ to Carlsbad and back. I ended up stopping my watch at the 53 mile mark cause my battery was low, anyways check the stats:

Couple things stand out to me. Moving time versus actual time versus "official" time. There was a difference of almost 2 hours and a difference of 1 hour when comparing moving time to the "official" time. I think we definitely could have finished that route under 4 hours (actual time). Going forward I'm not going to pause my timer and the goal each time out is to get my the three times (official, moving and actual) as close as possible. So less time spent on breaks, but this obviously can only be done if riding by myself (which I'm scared to do).

As for the ride and route itself. I thought it was a great scenic ride. Was able to clip in for the first time (did not fall once) and felt a noticeable difference. We also worked on drifting which was amazing to actually feel because I thought the whole concept as a hoax...LOL. Last, I thought I finished the last 4 miles which was primarily an incline off strong.

(Left to Right: Ray, Aileen, Edson and Mark)

Very proud of my cousin Mark who powered through some of the climbs and was trucking along.

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