Wednesday, September 1, 2010

09.01.10 - Running

Last night I took flexeril to help with my neck and I probably could've slept this entire day.  When I got into work it felt as if my body was still asleep...that stuff is no joke.  Bad part is my neck isn't healed but it feels better.

Since I can't train w/ a jacked up neck I decided to go run 4 miles at lunch.  I made the mistake of running into the "$6 Million Dollar Man" in the locker room.  He invited me to go run 7 miles of hills through Balboa.  I was very hesitant cause 7 miles is asking a lot of me right now and I know what kind of pace this guy does (he qualified for Boston just to give you an idea).  I told him I'd run with them so I can find the hilly path in Balboa but I definitely didn't want to hold them back.  I held strong with them for almost 2 miles and then they were gone.  I finished up with 4 miles...a very tough 4 miles.

Found this. Just what I needed:

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