Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 Focus

Had the following conversation with Mike. He just simplified my 2011 training for me.

Mike: yo
Me: what up son
Mike: got a mission for u
Me: sup
Mike: main focus now is to work on 1 sub from the guard and being able to sweep at will
Mike: just be able to get off your back
Me: got it. sweep at will
Mike: i think omoplata is the best cuz it can be sweep or sub and its available from open guard
Mike: but use it as a tool to get the sweep or submission
Mike: so every match u do should start with you on your back
Me: i was thinking omoplatata cause it leads to other stuff. sweep or another sub
like picking back choke would be tough, right? but force you to take the back type of deal am i thinking right?
Mike: yeah back is good. once youre on top u can do whatever u want
the way u should practice though is start on your back, sweep, pass, submit
just so u can work passing too. if they pull on you do double guard pull and force them to come on top or use the berimbolo to take the back or top position
Me: ok
Mike: but focus on all situations from starting in guard
getting on top is your goal for purple

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