Monday, March 7, 2011

03.07.2011 - Running Recap

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Missed my entries for last week.

March 1st

The Incident

Went for a run late Saturday night. I should've known it was going to be fucked up run. First, my iPod was dead and typically if that happens I call it quits right there. Second, I was gunning for 8 miles and the route I took I decided to do in reverse. Being without my music ended up not being such a problem. I ended up feeling more focused than I typically am when running with it.

So as a good runner I always run facing traffic so that I don't get blindsided by idiot drivers. This is probably even more important at night, with drunk drivers and visibility at times being poor. So in and around the 5 mile mark I see this car driving really slow. Just creeping. Right then I knew shit was going down. Immediately I thought, I'm getting shot at with something; a paintball gun maybe a bb gun or I'm just going to have shit thrown at me. Worst case scenario, a kidnapping. As they come up a guy is hanging out the window and throws something at me. I didn't know what it was until it hit. An egg. So I start charging at the car telling these fuckers to come out of the car. They of course start speeding off like a bunch of pussies, yet talk shit. I give chase and just stop because they're in a car.

Of course this fucks up my run and I start to walk. I continue to look back and notice that these guys bust a U-turn at the light. Seeing this, I bolt across the street and start sprinting towards them in the middle of the road. These fuckers stop the car. Back up and go speeding off away. I felt like the T-1000 giving chase.

I'm thinking of running at night all the time now in hopes of running into these fuckers.

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