Monday, April 18, 2011

04.18.2011 - POY aka Proud of You [Swim]

Had a very interesting day today. Friends and family had congratulated me on my race, but I think the 2 comments that mattered most came from my wife and my buddy Ryan aka "my running coach."

I don't train as often or as scientifically as my buddy Ryan and so I often look to him for guidance on all things running. So by default he becomes my running coach. Giving me tips on training, shoes or anything. So when he told me I ran a good race, I knew I did well because the guy knows his stuff when it comes to races and what constitutes a difficult course which many believe La Jolla is.

As for my wife. It's funny because at times she seems like she could care less about the races I'm in, the jiu jitsu tournaments or basketball leagues I play in. So when she was chatting up the race to me today, she started to talk about how races can mentally break you and that my will and mental strength won't let that happen. I was sort of shocked and happy that she's there in the race with me too, supporting me. The conversation turned to the SD International Tri and she recommended that I get a "warm up" race in and sign up for the Encinitas Sprint Tri to get the feel of transitions and more importantly the swim.

So as of 10:44pm tonight, I'm signed up for the Encinitas Sprint Triathlon. I have 4 weeks to see what's up. I just don't want to be the last perosn coming in from the swim and having to book it on bike and run. We'll see.

As for my workout. I got in the pool and swam for 20 min. I've marked off the distance of the pool and plan on swimming for distance and timing myself how long it takes.


  1. Great stuff Rene! I was thinking about the Encinitas Tri followed by the TriRock SD but swimming is just a little hard for me at these crappy hotel pools.

  2. Thanks EJ. Yeah dude, I'm swimming in a community pool that is only 16 meters in length but I'm pretty positive the pools at hotels are way shorter. You take two strokes and you're at the end.

    Good luck with training!