Monday, November 14, 2011

No Gi Worlds and CA Ironman 70.3

I haven't posted in some time now and a lot has gone by.  November 5th I competed in the IBJJF No-Gi Worlds, Purple Belt Master's (Light weight 162 lbs).  There was 9 of us in the division and this was by far the most composed I've been at a tournament.  Going in with a F it type attitude and not being scared to lose, I was able to place and made a mental mistake which cost me my ticket to the finals.

My first match was against a guy from 10th Planet.  I ended up using my athleticism to control the match, forcing him to pull half guard.  He was able to get back up and attempt a guillotine, which I countered by pulling guard and getting a butterfly sweep.  From there I passed guard and was up 5-0 and just tried to control the pace and milk the clock.  With 30 seconds left, I tried to take his back and turned it to an armbar submitting him right at the bell.

My second match was against a guy from Guillobel BJJ (Ribiero JJ).  I missed my takedown and we scrambled to my half guard.  I took his back and eventually secured hooks for my points and had the choke but not locked in.  I lost the back (because my back control sucks) and eventually lost guard.  He attempted a darce choke but it wasn't tight.  I was content to ride out the last minute and win 4-3, but I attempted to secure half guard again but when I did it turned the choke into a crank.  I should've just hung out, but instead gave up the position and they gave him points for passing and I was now down 4-6.  With a minute left I got back to guard and was attempting to secure a sub but couldn't.

- nerves were not an issue
- listened really well to my corner
- did not have an adrenaline dump
- most composed I've been in a tournament.  Great especially considering how "big" the tournament is.
- controlling the far arm from guard or sidemount seems to be working really well.
- placed for the first time EVER
- boost in confidence

- mental mistake cost me at a minimum silver.
- lost the back.  Probably should've attempted to resecure the back instead of being hell bent on getting the choke.
- very lazy w/ my back control.  Must work on this

My brother took silver in the brown belt division.  The first time my brother and I medaled at the same tournament.

With all this, I can't wait to compete some more.  I'm already plotting when I'm competing again.  I want to compete at Pan Ams, however my Half Ironman is that same weekend.  I'll probably do Nationals and Vegas for sure.

As for my Half Ironman.  Training officially starts tomorrow.  20 weeks of madness.  I plan on blogging every single day that I train.  It's my first at this distance and I'm pretty stoked.

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