Thursday, November 8, 2007


Ok, so I have been completely bored out of my mind here at work today. I came in late and even took a long lunch and this day has gone by sooooooo slow, UNTIL Ryan and I created "Excel Battleship". In trying to find a way to kill time I thought to myself, if only I could play a video game or some sort of game...then it dawned on me, battleship is an easy game to create, I just need to remember the dimensions and how many boats you have. So I wikipedia Battleship and boom it's all there for me.

I guess back in the day people used to play with paper pencil...but hell this is the 21st century and let's step this bitcgh up! So here's all you need. The spreadsheet Ryan and I designed (copyright pending) and some sort of messenger (AIM, Yahoo, GMAIL or even your own internal one like I have at my work) and it's game on!

So here are the rules:

  1. It's honor system. No moving pieces and once the game is over you must email your opponent your spreadsheet so they can view your pieces.
  2. Aircraft carriers take up 5 spaces and are designated with the letter "Z"
  3. Battleships take up 4 spaces and are the letter "Y"
  4. Submarines take up 3 spaces and are the letter "X"
  5. Destroyers take up 3 spaces as well but are the letter "W"
  6. PT Boats are 2 spaces and are the letter "V"
  7. You have one of each boat.
  8. Yellow indicates a miss.
  9. Red indicates a hit (when attacking)
  10. Gray indicates a hit (on your own boat, because the letters are red)

So if any of you suckas are bored and wanna bring it...hit me up on AIM and let's DO THIS!

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