Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rest Day

Not by my choice, today is a rest day. I had planned on running this morning but we had to take our dog to the vet around 7am only cause the wifey had a meeting at 8am and could not be late to. So that threw a huge monkey wrench into my training. To top it off, typically on Wednesdays I run the stairs but today the office is having a luncheon to celebrate the quarter we just filed as well as welcome two new people to our department. Looks like the stairs run is being pushed to Thursday. This sucks...but I'm thinking I might try and run around the neighborhood tonight anyways.

Now onto some cool stuff. Found this on the Sports Guy's column. Now how cool would it be for this guy to make it to the NBA. I heard his nickname is "Mutha" cause he's a bad...SHUT YO' MOUTH.

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