Thursday, December 13, 2007

1st Entry

So thanks to my boy Jeremy, he got me to start blogging about jiu jitsu. He suggested blogging will help keep track of what techniques I've worked on and and putting my thoughts out there to help improve my game.

Our conversation got me to thinking about a posting of Mr. Harris where he said, one of the biggest pitfalls of blue belts is that they get good at let's say a particular move (we'll take the arm bar). They continually are catching people with it, then suddenly they're not finishing the move and it's harder and harder for them to catch someone in it let alone finish it. Now instead of asking themselves why am I not finishing the move or what's wrong with my set up, often people go look for the "new" move to catch someone in.

Jiu jitsu is funny like day you're so effective with something, the next day maybe not so much. But that's also the cool thing about can easily fix it by working on your technique and finding counters to your opponents counters. It's a simple game of chess.

So this is blog to capture what I'm doing and how I can hopefully refine my game.

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