Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 Goals

2008 is a big year for me. Major milestone...the big 30! I decided that in 2008 I want to be as active as I possibly can and get into the best shape I can be in by training my ass. I've put together some pretty lofty goals for this year. The first half of my goals are races that I want to compete in. I'm excited about the races this year because I'll be tackling my first triathlon (international distance) and mud run. The second half of my goals relate to overall fitness. I think the thought of hitting 30 has been playing with my head and has motivated me to try and get into the best shape of my life.

2008 Competitions

Here's the list of races I plan on competing in this year with my target finish.

  1. Carlsbad Half Marathon - January 20th (1 hr 44 min)
  2. La Jolla Half Marathon - April 27th (1 hr 55 min)
  3. Camp Pendleton Mud Run - June 8th
  4. San Diego International Triathlon - June 29 (2 hrs 30 min)
  5. America's Finest City Half Marathon - August 17th (beat my 2007 time 1:54:13)

Fitness Goals

  1. Run 625 miles in 2008 (12 miles a week). I covered only 190 miles in 2007. Granted I only started running seriously the 2nd half of the year, but in 2008 I want to be consistent with my running.
  2. Maintain my weight between 170 - 175 lbs. In 2007 I ballooned up to 187 lbs but got my weight down to 170 lbs and have been maintaining it since.
  3. Get my body fat under 10%. I'm not sure what my body fat is at right now, but I know when I was in college I was down to 8%. It would nuts to get my body fat back down to what it was in college.
  4. 12,000 push ups in 2008.
  5. 12,000 pull ups in 2008.
  6. 12,000 sit ups in 2008.
  7. Be able to to pass the RKC snatch test by November. Based off of my weight I'd be doing anywhere from 52 to 56 snatches. The test is pretty expensive so I don't think I'll be able to go to one of Pavel's seminars to take the test but I'd like to see if I can pass the test.
  8. Stay healthy. I think I have some pretty tough goals for 2008 and there's no way I'm going to achieve them if I'm not healthy. Bumps and bruises are going to happen and it's on me to make sure I take care of my body.

So I guess that's it as far as goals go. I'm hoping to put out progress reports every quarter to see how I'm doing.

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