Thursday, December 13, 2007

Guard Pass (Over the Shoulder)

Evening Class

Opening Guard

  • Attack one arm
  • Roll wrist
  • Palm to palm
  • Thumb under opponent's thumb
  • Pin and stand (start on side that is attacked)

Over the Shoulder Pass

  • Pin leg
  • Elbow to prop on shoulder (calve should be at neck)
  • Grab lapel (cross)
  • Drive forward (face to face)
  • Finish (using knees, shifting hips)

Over the Shoulder Pass (opponent pushes head)

  • Using the hand that pins the leg, pull leg down
  • Finish

Over the Shoulder Pass (opponent rolls over shoulder to escape)

  • Using the knee pin it on stomach
  • I think your grip should change to behind collar
  • Finish with a reverse knee on stomach

Over the Shoulder Pass (banana split)

  • Instead of hand pinning leg, shoot knee through
  • Hook bend of knee with foot
  • Switch from cross lapel grip to underhoooks and arm behind head
  • Drive head to head to create banana split
  • Reverse keysa to finish

Over the Shoulder Pass (banana split variation)

  • Opponent pushes head away
  • Pull leg with hand that once pinned leg down


  • 3 min of open guard passing. 1 person attempting to pass, the other looking to sweep. 10 burpees after each round
  • 3 min of side mount escape. 1 person looking to finish, the other replacing or reversing.

Was able to work X-Pass...but it was ugly. It was my first shot at it, so I was happy that I was able to go to it. Need to work open guard control.


Anthony - as always, very, very difficult to deal with. Was able to work X-Pass...but once again it was ugly and hopefully Anthony just didn't give it to me...HAHA. Got to side, but wasn't able to control. As usual, Anthony was able to work to my side and pin an arm for a kimura. Was able to fight it off a bit, but it's so tough to deal with him once he gets across my side. One way to fix that is to beat him to it and not let him get in essence work on control from the guard.

Dave - was able to pass using X-Pass. Finished with straight arm lock. Worked with him on side mount escapes. Wasn't much of a rolling session after that...turned more into a drilling session with me working his side mount escapes. Dave gave me some good knee on belly ideas.

  • Grabbing the belt before going knee on belly
  • Pulling the head up with the lapel
  • Open for baseball choke and kimura (depending upon opponent's reaction)


I need to stop working off of my back. Get aggressive and attack by working on my guard pass (focus in on X-Pass, but work all passes). One thing that comes to mind is when Mike told me I need to destroy my opponent's legs when attempting to pass their guard. After watching X-Pass and taking what Mike told me a few months ago I found one thing in common. PRESSURE. Create pressure on their legs to wear them down working with one leg in and one out. Hopefully I'm on to something and have actually learned something

Gotta focus in on controlling my opponent, specifically from side control. I think my positioning is off (hips, legs, arms, chest). Big thing is I'm not destroying my opponents posture. Even when I have destroyed posture I've noticed people getting out...must be my head and hip position.

I need to work on open guard control. I feel like my guard is butter. Foot and hand placement. Push and pull.

Last...stop being so damn passive. Push the pace with my guard by attempting sweeps and when attacking work my passing. Been in a funk with that as of late.

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