Friday, December 14, 2007


Been watching Saulo Ribeiro's Jiu Jitsu Revolution 2 as of late, focusing in on X-Pass. I like it cause it seems as if it's a different take on fundamental passes such as the toriani and 101 pass.

X-Pass (grips and posture)
  • Grips - knees and collar
  • Stance - one knee driving forward into opponent's hamstring while other back at an angle
  • Collar grip should have below on knee to block
  • Drive collar grip down, swing leg out
  • Chuck leg through
  • Finish with knee on belly

Seems a lot like the toriani pass.

X-Pass (knee slide)

  • Can't get x-pass cause leg is on the outside
  • Drive knee down and drive collar down (away)
  • Slide knee

Negative X-Pass

  • Pull collar / push knee away (banana split)
  • Knee driving forward should fall underneath opponent's knee NOT above
  • Reverse keysa and finish

X-Pass (vs butterfly)

  • Work x-pass and negative against side that opponent grabs

X-Pass (De La Riva)

  • Attack non hooked leg by driving knees in to create banana split
  • Work negative x-pass

The X-Pass seems pretty interesting and tomorrow I plan on watching the guard pass from Saulo's first series.

I worked with Mike on the stacking guard pass where you grab the collars, pull and sit. From here drive one of knees through to work one knee in and one knee out (seems to be the common theme for guard passing).

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