Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Angie" is still a bitch

Went to the gym at lunch for today's WOD.


For time:
100 Pull Ups
100 Push Ups
100 Sit Ups
100 Squats


This is horrible compared to the last time I did it. I did in 4:27 minutes slower...I must have been on some crazy high that day....sucks!

Evening Update

So I go to the gym after work because my wife has an appointment to meet up with my friend Navid. Lemme just say I am dead tired when I get to the gym. I don't want to do anything...Angie really took it's toll on me. So my friend Navid comes around and it's his first class so I feel I should workout with him. It was Dave's class...and typically he runs kettlebells but today he decided to mix it up. So here's what we did:

Warm up: Jump Rope 3 x 3 min (mixing in different types of jumps)

1st workout - We had 5 stations and you were to work at each station for 3 minutes each then rotate to the next station for 3 minutes and so on until you complete all 5 stations.

Station 1 - Tire slams (Slamming a tire with a sledgehammer)
Station 2 - Shoulder Press w/ 45 lb barbell (So freaking tough because you to balance it)
Station 3 - 135 lb Deadlift
Station 4 - Burpee to pull up (G.I. Jane)
Station 5 - Weighted toe touch sit ups

After that I was sweating like a pig. Then Dave says we're going to do a "cool" down workout since he has us for 20 more minutes. So this workout is same concept but shorter time (1 min at each station) but two times through. YEAH!

Station 1 - Tire jumps (In and out)
Station 2 - Keg press
Station 3 - Side twists (hard to explain...but it worked your abs)
Station 4 - Airdyne

Needless to say I was spent! Then Mike said I should go roll a round with our other friend Dave...what a night! Feels great though. I think it's paying off. My cardio really feels great and it's just helping me out for the half marathon in January.

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