Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Never again!

So today was supposed to be a run day for me to get ready for my half marathon, but due to the rain I ended up skipping out and heading to the gym. When I get there this dude shows up, who I've heard stories about (not good ones), to roll. Now let me first say that a lot of these stories got under my skin, to the point that I built up this dislike for the guy yet I don't even know him.

We get to rolling and I rolled with an intent to be mean. I first lock up a kimura but I don't finish it right away because I'm sitting north / south and decide to just sit on his face to make it very uncomfortable. So finally I decide to finish and the guy didn't tap right away, so Mike had to step in and say "that's enough". We go again and normally after I tap someone or I feel like I can get what I want I just let them play but this isn't time for that. I go after him again. Now I'm finishing a brabo choke. Stop. Reset. Instead of chilling, I go after him again. This time locking up a triangle to transition to an arm bar. I think to myself, "should I let up?" then I remember some of the crap that he's said and I go right back at him. This time I lock up a twister. First time ever!

After rolling I feel like a total ass. I mean what in the hell did I just accomplish? Nothing really. I mean the guy's new to jiu jitsu and smashing him might discourage the guy and that's not what this sport's about. I felt so bad I got the shakes! Some may say I humbled the guy and others may say I'm a complete dick. Right now I feel like a dick.

Oh...on a side note I rolled with Mike and he gave me some good tips on guard passing. I updated my Saulo guard pass post for some of the notes I got from Mike.

Notes from rolling with Mike
  • Head placement when passing the guard. I noticed when I rolled with Mike my head was all over the place so I ended up getting caught in a lot of guillotines and brabo chokes. Need to focus on putting the top of my head into my opponent's chin and driving forward.
  • Create more pressure using my hips. Need to drive my hips to keep their leg pinned.
  • Need to figure out what to do with my outside arm. It keeps getting attacked and my whole guard pass is thrown.
  • Brabo choke - focus more on pushing the top of their head into the choke. I should be able to creep my other arm by doing this.

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