Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Head Case

My high school basketball coach used to preach to us that before going to bed we should visualize ourselves at the free throw line knocking down 100 free throws straight. I used to think it was bogus until I actually applied it late in high school and into college. I bring this up because it's been 3 days since I last trained. Yeah 3 days isn't a long time but right now it seems like a huge break. To counter it I've been watching videos but I think that just gets me more frustrated because I have to watch these videos and I don't have an opportunity physically drill them or try them out.

So know I'm here visualizing each pass that I've been studying. Running them down one by one. Breaking them down step by step and trying to figure out where an opponent can counter and how I could potentially counter their counter. It's funny because I can actually run a match through my head while at work. Hopefully this all translates to actually executing the move when it comes to mat time.

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