Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Saulo Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu Revolution 1: Guard Pass

So in search of improving my guard pass game, I started watching Saulo's Jiu Jitsu Revolution 1: Guard Pass. A lot of interesting things popped out to me, the most interesting being how he just modified what he did in Revolution 1 to create the X-Pass. Not to say the X-Pass sucks or is ineffective because I like it and will use it when it's available, but the basics and fundamentals of guard passing are the same:
  1. Pressure

  2. Destroy legs

Saulo breaks down guard passing in two areas: Standing and on the ground.

Standing Pass


  • One foot forward one back. Elbow on knee. Elbow / knee combo acts as one.
  • Lead leg puts pressure on legs. Pressure goes into legs not to side. Don't use arms, use the leg.
  • Grip should be inside of knee (#7 from Roy's seminar)

Pass #1 (Toriani)

  • Pressure from leg creates reaction
  • From reaction sweep around
  • Knee must be past their knee
  • Don't release legs

Pass #2 (Over the Shoulder)

  • From posture, if opponent's leg runs high and not hooked
  • Slide elbow in and stack
  • Over the shoulder pass

Pass #3 (101 pass)

  • Opponent goes for half guard or x-guard
  • Outside leg step away
  • Knee goes perpendicular to opponent's body, not straight
  • Keep elbow in, staying low
  • Upper body drives into them, while lower body goes out
  • Keep elbow and knee connected during pass

Ground Pass

Pass #1 (vs. butterfly or open)

  • Destroy one leg by hugging. Leg should be between mine.
  • Switch arms. Arm under butt. Shoulder in hip
  • Sprawl on leg
  • Hip should be on knee
  • Reverse Keysa

Pass #2 (opponent on side)

  • Don't approach squared up, stay angled.
  • Hook arm under top leg cupping the bottom thigh or knee
  • Shoulder should not be low on leg (below knee), but on top of knee or thigh
  • Weight down on shoulder. Tripod where legs are up but all weight is on shoulder.
  • Walk around

UPDATE 12/19/07

Mike had shown me this past before. A couple of differences that he showed me was when destroying the leg he liked to use his hips more to keep it pinned and not so much the shoulder. Well I get to talking to him today about this pass to pick his brain about some sticking points and he gave me these notes:

  • Don't weave the arm through anymore. He finds that it doesn't work and it usually is a preference thing. My job is to find out what I prefer, arm in or arm out.
  • Use the hips to pressure. Put one leg up (the one not pressed up creating pressure)
  • Head should be in their chin. Drive your head into their chin to help control.
  • To pass, use the heel to butt move to weave your leg out and pass.

A couple of things I thought was interesting was using my head to create the pressure and almost control them. I really need to find out what works best. I do find myself getting caught in guillotines a lot because my head placement is all over the place.


Got a lot to work on and think about when it comes to the guard pass.

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