Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More rolling

Got to go to the gym again today at lunch. I was able to roll with Mike, Jaime and Roger. Good rolling with all the guys. It's always cool when one person is working on the counter to something that you're working on. So I got to work a lot of guard passing while they worked their guard.

Couple of notes:
  • In crossbody, if I'm getting stiff armed look to swing arm away and back into opponent or anchor down on them by grabbing the back of their collar.
  • When passing half guard or a lock down position, try to push on their shin not their thigh with their free leg.
  • Was able to pass a few times, but need to anchor down and control from crossbody or sidemount (one of my goals for the year). Probably need to stay active when I get across their side.
  • Need to drill some north / south escapes. I know 2 escapes, (taking the back and rocking my hips) but I always get smashed so obviously I'm not doing them right. I typically find myself sitting and waiting for them to do something, which is bad.
  • Work with Mike on kimura defense. Been so focused on running around and trying to armbar them and he's said there's WAY EASIER ones.

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