Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Talking Sh!t... defines talking shit as:
  1. talking shit - just bullshitting around with words and saying crap you don't really mean.

I think talking shit is a very underutilized tool. Many people think it's all about being mean spirited or just flat out being a dick. Well, depending upon the situation and person it can be a very motivating tool. Take the following discussion with Ryan. Ryan is ready to sell his soul to the devil to beat me at the La Jolla half. If I don't talk shit and remind him he's 0-2 in races against me and 0-15 in NBA 2k he might slack off...and if he slacks off what fun is that going to be for me destroying him by another 20 minutes.

I just hope one day Ryan realizes that all this shit talking was for his own good.

Ly0n 123 (10:29:36 AM): u should probably run the RnR marathon
Ly0n 123 (10:29:43 AM): you're not getting any younger
naegr0 (10:30:04 AM): no thanks
Ly0n 123 (10:30:09 AM): why?
naegr0 (10:30:49 AM): ehh
naegr0 (10:30:50 AM): idk
Ly0n 123 (10:31:05 AM): scared?
Ly0n 123 (10:31:12 AM): it's okay if you are
naegr0 (10:31:25 AM): scared of my body hurting
naegr0 (10:31:26 AM): yes
naegr0 (10:31:43 AM): plus...if i ran it, it would just extend my winning streak
Ly0n 123 (10:31:55 AM): lol
Ly0n 123 (10:40:18 AM): cuz i'm seriously debating
Ly0n 123 (10:40:23 AM): whether or not to run the la jolla
Ly0n 123 (10:40:25 AM): i think it won't be fair
naegr0 (10:41:44 AM): why wno't it be fair?
naegr0 (10:41:50 AM): should i cut a leg off?
naegr0 (10:41:53 AM): then would it be fair?
Ly0n 123 (10:43:12 AM): i'm afraid
Ly0n 123 (10:43:17 AM): it'd be unfair for you
Ly0n 123 (10:43:19 AM): you kno
naegr0 (10:44:01 AM): unfair?
naegr0 (10:44:10 AM): you mean like it's unfair that there's no compeition?
naegr0 (10:44:20 AM): i've grown accustomed to it
naegr0 (10:44:22 AM): so don't worry
Ly0n 123 (10:45:33 AM): i'm afraid i' going to kick yo ass!
Ly0n 123 (10:45:34 AM): that's it
Ly0n 123 (10:45:36 AM): i'm running it
Ly0n 123 (10:45:36 AM): lol

Maybe running the La Jolla hung over or drunk would make this race interesting?

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