Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More rolling

Went to the gym to roll some more. Got some good rolls in.

  • Feel better when trying to get into x-guard. Need to know when to look for butterfly sweep versus going into x-guard. I think I've locked into my head that I need to get into x-guard to work it, but I think I need to work what's being given.
  • Guard passing tactics seem to be back in my head. Was able to create pressure with my legs.
  • Don't leave my arms out so much when trying to pass the guard. Finding myself getting stretched out because people are controlling my arms so easily.
  • Guillotine choke is this shiet! Great move to go to when trying to pass the guard. Seems to be a good transitional move. If you get it, great but if you don't you can get a reaction from your opponent.
  • Been able to work the brabo choke the last two times I've rolled. Remeber to uppercut to get the arm deep.
  • Overall feel better about working open and butterfly. Told Roger how back when we first started that's all I used to do, sit on my butt and try and get a butterfly sweep. Feels good to be working off my butt again since I've been working guard pass as of late.

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