Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I'm coming to the realization that I'm not recognizing things as fast as I should. There have been openings that have been there for me when rolling and I'm not capitalizing on them or recognizing that they're there. I've found myself doing this with Mike too, where he'll look at me and be like "why'd you stop?" and my only response really is that I had a brain fart. Need to recognize situations that are presenting themselves and act open defensive, be offensive, don't leave my arm out, etc...

I've also found myself working too methodically when setting things up. Step 1, next step 2 and finally step 3. I know I need to get to a point where there is no step 2, but rather step 1 to step 3. Watching Roy's BJJ 201 he says, "every move has a beginning, middle and end." What needs to happen when you start growing in jiu jitsu is that there is no longer a middle as you just go from beginning to end.

After rolling with my brother today he's telling me, I need to go do something when working my x-guard. I'll get into the position but end up just rocking him and he just smashes me. Just another example of me being too methodical. I'm gonna blame this on learning the x-guard, but really that's not a good excuse. I need to recognize that I have something and go for it. Recognize you're being put in danger and defend.

Things need to flow better...and not be so robotic!

Other notes:
  • I'm getting guillotined to death! My neck is out there and people are taking it! Once again, recognize where my head is, arms, etc...
  • On the flipside to getting guillotined like crazy...I have to say once again, the guillotine and kimura are always there and are great transitional positions. If you get it, great! If you don't, you'll force them to move.
  • I'm getting stuffed when trying to set up my butterfly. Once again, it's because I'm trying to be methodical. Step 1. Bring legs in. Step 2. Secure gable grip. Step 3. Head under their chin. Step 4. Swing them up on top of you. I need to go legs grab and swing. I can secure my gable grip when they're on top of me. Classic example of going to methodical when steps can be blended.
  • Overall I feel like I'm getting more and more comfortable from my guard and working my x-guard.

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