Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Now that work is no longer busy I got some good training in.

The warm up was intense. Did 125 sit ups (on top of my workout of the day of 150 total) and about 80 push ups in between running, bear crawls, spiderman walk and gorilla walks.

Worked on opening the guard:

Over the shoulder pass:
  • Focus on getting head to head and pin the leg
  • Look to crossface as it'll set me up for better pin down position.

Double leg pass:

  • Picking one side, make sure forearm is in throat.
  • Use other hand to grab their belt, to help pass

Knee slide:

  • Can look to go for the pass John showed. One knee over thigh and the other up as if I'm going for the over the shoulder pass.

Arm drag when opponent is standing:

  • Go to the arm drag
  • When you pull yourself up grab the nearest leg as if you're going for a single leg.
  • Can go to a double leg as well.


  • Feel good with my escapes. Timing seems to be getting better.
  • Arm drag is nuts. Gotta focus in on identifying when the opportunites present themselves to go for it (aside from the ones I'm looking for, from butterfly)
  • One area I noticed I need to work on is the back position. I'm horrible when I get there...probably a 20% chance of finishing with a RNC. HAHA.
  • Look to stretch people out from butterfly.

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