Thursday, April 24, 2008

Armbars from Side Mount

Worked 3 arm bars from side mount:

1. "Matt Hughes" (Far arm attack)
  • Matt Hughes vs. GSP I - Hughes pulls this one off.
  • Establish underhook and pull them up on to their side.
  • Knee closest to hip slides up to hip
  • Other leg steps over head, be sure that foot is under their shoulder. Elevates their arm
  • Flip hips and pinch knees
  • Be at an angle

2. "Kimura Option" (Far arm attack)

  • Switch to position 3 and work to N/S
  • When switch occurs be sure to slide arm near into their armpit and deep
  • Semi-tripod to create pressure on their chest w/ your arm and theirs.
  • Step over head, option for kimura
  • Finish just like the "Hughes"

3. "Overhook" (Near arm attack)

  • Keysa, be sure to pull arm up and keep overhook
  • Knee nearest hip slides on to their chest
  • Bring other leg over their head
  • Fall back and finish (can finish by falling forward)

Got to roll 4 times last night. Was happy to get the back w/ the move Mike showed me (pulling them into you rather than jumping on the horse). X-Guard wise felt like I'm getting better at establishing it but still needs A LOT of work.

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