Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Elbow's feeling better

After my workout I rolled a bit with Craig. After a few minutes of working the x-guard and working some guard passes, Craig asked if we could work from side mount so he could work his escapes. Some notes from today:

  • Was able to get the sweep, but one thing to consider is when they start moving their weight away right away. Consider standing up and putting leg on shoulder for a takedown.

Guard Pass

  • Guard passing felt like doo doo. Z guard was giving me trouble. GOTTA REMEMBER WHERE MY HEAD PLACEMENT IS!

Side mount

  • Kept getting replaced into half guard. STAY ACTIVE. DON'T JUST SIT AND HAVE ACTIVE HIPS
  • Look to work harness from side mount.
  • Head placement was bad. Keep head in their chin.
  • Gotta work on getting better control of my opponent


I thought I did well. Was trying not to go too hard in fear of my elbow popping, but I felt for trying to feel my way around it was a good start to getting back into it. Still very nervous about my thing to do is just not get caught in a bad spot.

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