Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Taking the Back

Warmed up with two 5 minute rounds of rolling. Rules are no submissions, can not stay in one position for more than 2 seconds. This was a very tiring warm up especially when paired with Mike. The constant movement gets you winded, but probably the most interesting aspect of the drill was the fast paced chess game being played. Forcing you and your opponent to recognize certain positions and react.

Technique: Side mount escape
  1. Replace Guard
  2. Backdoor
  3. Backdoor against keysa

Was able to ask Mike questions regarding the knee bar from the x-guard and taking the back.

Knee bar from x-guard:

  • Available when opponent gets into sprint position (going away).
  • Inside leg goes over.
  • Don't go for knee bar when opponent is standing over you.

Taking the back:

Been having issues turning the corner to mount from the back.

  • Instead of jumping on their back, pull them into you.
  • Grab hip. Be sure to be deep. If gi, grab the belt.
  • Hip out to create a landing space for opponent.
  • Pull their hip and have them fall to you.

Other notes:

I suck at leg locks, but looks like I created my own rule for them. Outside leg goes over their leg for foot locks or heel hooks. Inside leg for knee bar.

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