Monday, May 19, 2008

Guard Pass

Lunchtime class:

Focus was on opening the guard.

1. Knees in butt
  • Hands in armpits and work to stand up
  • Put knees in butt cheeks and begin to squat
  • Move hands from pits ribs and eventually waist
  • Push waist down to eventually open guard
  • Once open, one leg in and one out.

2. Knees in butt variation

  • Same as #1, however opponent has strong lets and keeps guard closed
  • One arm reach to opposite shoulder and use elbow to pry guard open.
  • Difficult for opponent to triangle, however be sure to remain standing and watch your arms

3. Wrist wrapper

  • Secure one of your opponent's wrist and lock them on their waist
  • Begin to wrap their wrist (thumb to thumb)
  • Stand up, start on side that wrist is broken down on
  • Knee in cheek and open guard

Rolled before class to warm up. Rolled w/ Ken and Matt. Some notes:

  • Might want to re-think half guard (z-guard) transition to x-guard / deep half guard. May want to transition first to half butterfly, then to x-guard / deep half guard. Get hips open then slide leg in.
  • Was having problems using my hips to pull them on top of me from half guard (z-guard). Mike suggested working to half butterfly first, then transition or pull them first then push them.
  • Be sure when using the gable grip to yank leg.

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