Friday, May 23, 2008

Missed entries


I'm now able to train at night thanks to Adrian. He brought his mats over to the house and we (Adrian, Anthony and myself) were able to train.

I picked Anthony's brain about his half guard and here are some notes on his half guard and other items:

  • It's easier to go to half butterfly first, than go directly to x-guard.
  • Work to always get into a half butterfly or butterfly position first as the deep half guard, x-guard and z-guard will be more like transitional guards to get back to the butterfly.
  • Butterfly is more offensive and therefore the guard to always try and get back to.
  • Hip out first to create space and insert foot to establish half butterfly.
  • Can also use Mike's method of kicking out and opening up your hips.
  • Got to get better at dropping my hips when passing. Think drop and pass at a 45 degree angle. Key is to put drop my hips and destroy legs while moving at 45 degree angle.
  • Rolled with Adrian and Anthony twice and was pretty spent. Love the insight Anthony brought to the table regarding his half guard game.

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