Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Half Guard

Was reading Aesopian's blog today and he was covering the deep half guard. Found it very useful and found some tips for some of my struggles.

Basic Posture
  • He works from a Z-guard type half guard which is what I've been doing. One thing he does that I don't and will try and add is crossing my ankles. The way I should cross is top leg over bottom.
  • Push and pull w/ legs.
  • Entangle arms and don't get smashed, just like the "Thinking Man" from Roy's seminar.
  • Look to attack near side arm, neck, far side arm and far side arm.
  • Near side arms - can attack w/ an arm drag or "old school"
  • Far side arm - kimura
  • After establishing gable grip, use elbow in gut to keep them from crossfacing.

Defending the Pass

  • 2nd option is putting foot on hip and knee in shoulder.

Getting Underneath

  • All 3 seemed useful (the backroll, swing and pendulum). I think I prefer the backroll but should practice all 3.
  • Backroll - pull them into you with your legs when going to the gable grip.
  • Swinging - Open the legs and swing as if to escape.

Really good entries and should try them out next time.

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