Monday, July 7, 2008

Get off your back

Went to the gym at lunch to get some rolling in. Rolled w/ Roger. Worked the top game today since Roger's knee is still kinda jacked up. Ended up trading positions a lot and was able to work off of my back. Movement felt good. Couple of notes:

- stay off of my back. Mike pointed out to both of us that we need to work off of our side unless we're working from full guard or feet in hips.
- work on passing tighter. Passing feels good, but I'm not sure if I'm putting the type of pressure I want. Still working on the tips Anthony gave me.
- push the head when going for a butterfly sweep. Instead of pulling the arm out, look to just push their head down.

Been downloading a lot of videos lately. I gotta make sure I don't get too ADD with it and start jumping from one area to another area. Must focus in on one or two areas in particular so that I can actually try it when I roll.

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