Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Long time no post

I've been pretty lazy about posting as of late. Seems like my posting has been following my training patterns as of late. Training has been sporadic but I've gotten some good training in with Anthony, Adrian, Mike and Roger. Some of the things that I can still remember:

Guard Passing:
- work the walrus or sea lion move (sprawl and kick leg out)
- dump truck pass (arm and leg and drive)
- remember to keep sprawling and working the sea lion
- let them support you

Half Guard / Open Guard:
- underhook is key.
- underhook to sweep, to arm drag
- when locking up arm and head, don't fall back unless opponent's head is smashed in your chest. Pressure should be on the head not the elbow.
- from z-guard, look to hip out and replace to butterfly
- starting point should always be butterfly

- wrestler's sit out only works when going to the side w/ the arm in (meaning my arm and elbow should be hitting their pit)


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