Monday, July 14, 2008

Quit the Yappin and Make it Happen!

I gotta say I've been enjoying my wife's preganacy WAY TOO MUCH. Every chance I've gotten to eat, I've jumped on a matter of fact I've been the one pushing to eat as if I was the one pregnant. McDonald's has been my guilty pleasure and unfortunately it's starting to take it's toll on me. I've weighed myself and even though I still fall in the range I would like to be in, it's still a bit higher than I'd like. So this last month all I've been saying to myself is "workout in the morning" and I would go through this whole elaborate plan of how I was going to start working out and what I would do which morning. The only problem was the waking up part. 5:30am the alarm goes off. I snooze it. Ten minutes later is going off again, I snooze it again. I do this routine til about 7:00am and guess what, it's too late to workout.

Often times I would hate on people who would have all the desire in the world to workout or do something but would never lift a finger to do it. I've become the person I would hate on all the time. Let's face the facts, I would wish I could do this or want to do this but would never do anything about it. So I'm hoping today is the start of a new workout routine. I'm hoping it does and I don't trip myself up again.

6:00am Workout:

Warmup: Row 400 meters and stretch

Workout: 4 mile run - 32:58 (8:15/mi)

1st mile - 7:48
2nd mile - 8:25
3rd mile - 8:01
4th mile - 8:44

This new route is pretty sweet since there's some hills in the mix that really got me busting my butt.


25 pull ups
100 push ups
200 sit ups

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