Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rest Day???

I decided to make today a rest day and sleep in. Cool thing was I woke up around 5am, so it looks like my body clock is getting used to the early morning wake up calls. Now the thing that sucks is I'm feeling guilty for not working out. My shoulder feels a bit wrecked, but I have this desire to go workout.

I have until 11:30 to decide if I'm going to the gym or not. If I do, I'm thinking I'm just going to workout and not roll...OR...I can workout later at the house.

Shiet...I should've just worked out this morning.

*Lunchtime Update*

I lied...I went to the gym. I didn't workout, but I ended up rolling which is a workout. I know I'm going to end up working out tonight.


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