Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Feeling pretty good

Went to the gym at lunch and rolled with Mike, Dustin and Roger. Felt good rolling...I felt good about my escapes, my timing felt good and my movement was good.

One move I've been studying and tried today is the Peruvian necktie. It's a perfect compliment to the brabo and anaconda choke. This is a pretty good tutorial on it by Keith Owen.

One tip Mike gave me today when applying this is if my opponent rolls, I have to roll with them and try and finish from the top or work the top.

Other notes:

- guard passing. Need to watch my arm placements. Been trying to hug their body, which is probably better when you've broken them down and are actually passing. When playing in their open or butterfly guard my hands should more on the hip, using my elbow to track their thigh and push it down. Mike's on an omoplata trip and was working them non stop.

- open guard. Need to work against standing opponents more. Look to cross ankles and pinch legs when opponent tries to push the knee through.

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