Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pop goes the knee

Warm up:

2 min of flow rolling

This is where my knee popped. My knee felt sore last night and this morning and when I attempted an elevator sweep I felt a pop on the inside part of my knee. Took the rest of the morning off to watch.


1. Sweep / takedown from butterfly guard (Rani Yahya @ 23:08)

- opponent puts knee in between mine
- outside arm cups the knee (right above the knee)
- use inside hand to turn hips and get body positioned on the outside leg. inside leg is trapping foot.
- chopping motion with shoulder (downward) to the side of knee
- head and chest must be on knee and thigh

options from here:

- opponent stands, go to single leg
- opponent stays kneeling, switch grips on leg and take back

2. Sit up guard sweep / takedown #2 (Rani Yahya @ 26:42)

- same situation as #1, but opponent turns knee and can not break balance
- switch grips and turn into opponent. Put butt in between his legs and shoulder must be behind the knee with head connected to his thigh
- stand up, using leg to trap his foot.


- reverse knee bar to trip him down. (shoot hips up)

I'm hoping the knee feels better this weekend. It felt good to bet going strong for 2 weeks.

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