Thursday, September 25, 2008


AM training:

Warm up:

3 x 2 min rounds of flow rolling
3 x 2 min rounds of guard passing (partner tries to sweep or submit)
3 x 2 min rounds of working from guard (partner tries to pass)

Technique: X-Guard

Basic sweep (leg pick)

- extend legs, baiting opponent to come back
- when they bring their leg back in grab opponent's ankle and extend legs
- be sure to get the inner leg (leg / foot closest to their groin) out
- be sure to drive knee in to pass
- look for double unders if knee through middle is not available

Entry vs kneeling opponent

- opponent has one leg up
- entangle upper body (lapel or sleeves)
- grab ankle of the leg up and pull opponent on top of you (must be a pulling / butt scoot action)
- footlock hold (overhook) be sure to KEEP KNEES TIGHT and foot on hip
- free hand peels knee inward and overhook switches to underhook w/ ankle in the bend of neck
- look to establish x-guard
- if opponent is running, push opponent's butt w/ free leg and extend with other

Entry vs standing opponent

- grab outside of knees and scoot underneath
- establish one leg in, while other kicks straight then in to establish x-guard
- use overhook to keep leg
- same as above, peel knee and go to underhook


- knee manipulation. X-guard and the glover half guard is all about knee manipulation. This is something I've found myself get stuck on quite a bit where I can not move my opponent because I don't control their knee and manipulate it so I can get the sweep.

- rotation of hips / creating momentum. An aspect that I must get better at. Remember that this game is now becoming a game of inches. Momentum CAN NOT BE GENERATED WITHOUT POSTURE!

- pinching of knees. If I'm going to get better at the deep half guard and x-guard, pinching of the knees, balling up and rotating my hips to create momentum as stated above is key.

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