Thursday, October 16, 2008

AM Training

Gi Class

Technique covered - De la Riva

#1 Taking the back

- extend wrapped leg so to push far leg out
- bring free leg in and in the bend of the close knee
- grab tail or belt to take back

#2 Controlling

- free leg in the pit of the arm or hip
- remember to transition between tripod and de la riva

#3 Sweep from kneeling

- opponent kneels, be sure to keep leg entangled between opponents
- free leg goes to base of leg kneeling
- grab far arm and kick out base to get sweep

Options from kneeling:

#3A - arm drag to elevator sweep
#3B - omoplata (available only when hand is planted on mat)

- remember to combine all 3 options. attack the elevator and then go for the far arm,'s all about combinations

#4 Sweep from standing (Glover roll)

- from tripod
- bring leg over and make sure leg is over opponent's arm (the one entangled)
- switch grip (move from one hand to the other)
- swing underneath
- grab leg and push over if needed


- be sure to look back at old notes on de la riva to remember combinations
- train from this spot to get a feel for what works
- remember when in de la riva, rest leg by bending and extend when attacking
- tripod is key transitional position to all other entries: x-guard, de la riva, deep half guard, spider

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