Thursday, October 30, 2008

Half Gaurd (from the Z position)

Technique: Half Guard (from the Z Guard)

Taking the back
- knee in hip
- forearm in throat
- cup wrist or bicep
- use elbow to pry underhook
- throw arm up to take back to create space
- grab hip to take back
- can go for twister set up instead of jumping to take the back
- use twister set up to take back

Sweep from taking the back
- same set up as above, trying to pry the underhook
- opponent goes for the overhook
- pinch wrist and duck your head under to not get crossfaced
- grab far leg and get under them to sweep
- option to go to deep half guard

Combine two.

Need to start training again. Felt so out of it after taking almost a week off.

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