Sunday, February 22, 2009

Grappling X

Yesterday I competed for the first time since Grappler's Quest at Grappling X in the Adult's no-gi Intermediate division - 165 lbs. Cool thing about this tournament is you're guaranteed 2 matches. It was a pretty interesting experience.

First match

My first match was against this purple belt who Mike knew. He told me the guy was tough to finish and I would have to work the points game. We start and I get this feeling he wants me to try and take him down by leaving his leg out. I shoot for a single and he tries to guillotine and we break. After that we lock up and I try a snap down into a single leg and this time I get him down. I work for the pass as he locked up half guard. I have good shoulder pressure and it seems as if he can't get out due to it. With two and a half minutes left I goof up by letting my hips up too high and he replaces to full guard and tries an armbar. He got fully extended but I was able to turn my wrist and get out, but then fall into an omoplata and get finished off.

Looking back at the video, I probably should have just waited this guy out and controlled position. Overall against a purple belt I thought I did well.

Second match

I'm gassed. We start off and I work for a snap down into a double leg. From there I go knee on belly into mount. I'm trying to keep position just cause I'm tired and a guillotine opens up and I try and take it...bad mistake. I can't finish and I mess up by not sweeping him w/ the chin strap. He works from my half and tries to guillotine me and I eventually reverse it and attempt another guillotine (another stupid idea). Towards the end of the match I'm just trying to stall this guy out cause I was up on points while he tried to pass my guard. I eventually win on points, but I'm pretty much done.

Third match (for third place)

When I step on to the mat I hear the guy's coach yell, "push the pace" cause they know I'm dead tired. So the guy steps forward and I walk back a little and try to jump guard. REALLY BAD IDEA. My whole body lands on the mat except for my head, which lands on concrete. Game over.

Things to think about:

- cardio was crap, but I guess the silver lining is the fact that I was able to compete for 3rd place and I can't really say I trained my butt off for this tournament.
- quit getting into bad posture.
- need to work my submission game more during training. It needs to be one after another.
- don't jump guard when you're near the edge of the mat.

I feel good though. I definitely feel motivated.

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