Monday, May 11, 2009

Chokes from Sidemount

1. Step over choke
- cross face
- have opponent turn into you (possibly setup via kimuraset up)
- weave arm between legs
- step over and base with head
- pull and extend

2. Step over choke with brabo grip
- same but using brabo grip
- try and get lapel turned out

3. Baseball choke
- preferably from knee on belly
- cross face
- othe hand as deep as possible, baseball grip
- pinch elbows, knee slide over near arm

4. Baseball choke with brabo grip
- same as above but with brabo grip

5. Bread cutter with brabo
- pass lapel to other arm
- keep weight down on chest and sneak arm in
- pull and make sure tight
- grab shoulder to finish

6. Bread cutter variation
- opponent defends with arm
- collapse chest on arm make sure bicep is in tricep
- head should be parallel with opponents

Rolled 3 rounds.

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