Thursday, June 4, 2009


Today a brown belt from Roy's stopped by to train and said how somethings will be taught to you and years later it makes sense. You gotta love it when those moments come.

"Heels to butt"

As for training Luke went over two guar passes, one from closed and the other from butterfly.

1. Smash pass (from closed guard)
- stack
- choose side to pass to and bring outside leg to opposite hip
- keeping hips low walk till it breaks
- knee slide in for pass
- arms should be anchored by head isolating opposite side arm

2. Anthony pass (from butterfly)
- underhook opposite side that you are passing
- hop up and stack, idea is to move from heir ankles up their shin
- walk around while dropping hips and surf over legs

Got to roll 2 rounds.

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