Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Project 1:40 - Day 35

5 miles today in some blazing heat. I definitely think running in this heat is going to be beneficial come race time. Last time I ran the AFC it was blazing hot and I must have lost 4 to 6 lbs of water weight, so running at lunch under the sun should definitely get my body and mind right for the race.

5 miles - 39:18 (7:51 / mile)

1st mile - 7:53
2nd mile - 7:41
3rd mile - 7:38
4th mile - 7:38
5th mile - 8:26


Not sure if I was gassing or if it was the hill at the end that killed me. I routinely checked my watch and I was pushing a good 7:40 to 7:58 pace up until I got to the hill. We'll find out when I load my data into garmin connect. Definitely feel my cardio improving, but last Saturday's run really put some work on my hamstrings so it's either tone it down or stretch better.

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