Monday, October 12, 2009

10 Round Monday

Got only 5 rounds in. Mike, Guido, Johnny and Josh were there. Lunch time training is gonna be tough because attendance is so spotty. Contemplating only going 3x a week at lunch to focus mainly on mat time.

Mondays - 10 rounds
Thursday - drill day
Friday - open mat

Then those days try and pull Mike aside and pick his brain about certain positions or moves as well as ask for advice on what to work on.


X-Guard from Darce
- same side of arm inside is the leg to be inserted

Half Guard
- work more basic half guard
- look to work the foot drag / "old skool" sweep

Guard Passing
- watch Glover's 101 pass
- remember to control near side arm and control far side underhook
- focus on head placement and using hands to block the knee

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