Monday, November 23, 2009

De La Riva and Open Guard

Open Guard revisited:

- never over extend
- want knees at a 90 degree angle
- do not get stacked
- continue to circle (egg beater)
- always return to 90 degree

De La Riva notes:

- cross grip (preferred method)
- wrist control to wrist (same side) and collar control (think tomanagi)
- use shoulder to bridge to get deeper
- always keep them off balance by kicking leg away
- always control ankle

DLR sweeps:

1. Taking the back

- cross grip
- kick leg away
- drive leg deeper
- finish w/ the slide

2. Tomanagi sweep

- wrist control or wrist and lapel
- kick leg away
- use their momentum (when they step back into you) to sweep them
- make sure foot is on hip
- bring their wrists to their waist

3. Cobrinha to Waiter sweep

- cross grip
- rolle polle
- key is to get your head in between their legs
- will typically get stuck, but a matter of shifting to get the sweep
- insert knee for the waiter sweep

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