Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You Got Served!

Ran the stairs w/ Steve and his crew. Goal was to do 10 trips up the stairs broken up into 2 sets of 5 followed by some push ups / sit ups / pull ups / dips.

The sets of five broke down like this:

1. Every step
2. Cross over
3. Backwards
4. Every other step
5. Your choice

The guys pushed a hard pace and I was spent after 6 and knew I could only get 8 in. After the stairs we finished up w/ the PT described above. My legs felt and still feel like jell-o. I felt extremely winded and felt like I just got served. I'm looking to do this workout every Wednesday with or without Steve's invite. Hopefully I can get to a point where I'm just smashing all 10 out w/out any rest.

Jogging back was such a task. I know I have some work ahead of me so I'm stoked.

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